Is your Brain Offline?

It might be, do you feel brain fogged, unfocused, lazy, agitated, and tired? Does your health feel Offline?

Brain Optimization is for you, if you are a High Performer, Entrepreneur, busy Parent, or Leader that must be firing on all cylinders at all times or if you are just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

If you say YES to these questions, you need something different.

It's time for you to be fully functional and optimized in more areas of your life!

Apply below for a BRAIN OPTIMIZATION Intensive

Who is this for?

This is for female influencers, thought leaders, busy moms and experts to access their maximum brain and health level, so they can function successfully in their lives.

It's time for you to have your

Brain Optimized

SYMPTOMS of a Brain Offline may include THE FOLLOWING:

  • Brain fog
  • Pain
  • Memory issues
  • Insomnia or disrupted sleep
  • Lack of Focus
  • Agitation
  • Scattered Thinking
  • Anxiety, Depression, ADHD

What is the Brain Optimized Intensive?

It's a deep dive, it's efficient, it's value, it's an opportunity to clear what ails you. If you want your brain to work, symptoms at bay, you must know what is blocking your healing and then know you have the right plan to execute on with a trusted expert.

Do you know the healing blocks that can cause brain issues?

  • TBI's- Head injury
  • Post Covid Syndrome- Long haul symptoms
  • Autoimmunity- even if treated
  • Stealth Infections- viral, bacterial and fungal
  • Toxins- mycotoxins, environmental, poor detox
  • Unresolved Trauma-ACES and PTSD
  • Unmanaged Stress-Life out of balance
  • Food Sensitivities- Delayed allergy response
  • Blood Sugar Instability- Hypoglycemic/Hangry
  • ANT's - Critic Voice, Problem Thoughts
  • Digestive health issues- Bloating, Reflux, Gas
  • Sleep Issues- Falling and/or staying asleep
  • Inactivity- No cardio or strength training

All blocks to healing, to having an optimized brain will be screened for, identified in advance and addressed. These blocks to healing will throw your brain offline. They can be cleared with Dr. Tiffany's Brain Optimized Methods.


Fully Optimize Today!

If you don't optimize, you continue to struggle and it get's worse. The areas that need your help, continue to be impacted. If you are toxic, infected or inflamed, they don't improve on their own. Trauma and stress need to be removed/discharged from your body, where they are stored. If you don't address them, they keep getting reactivated and impacting your life.

What is the consequence of not addressing these? Think about it, right now. Your income, your relationships, your business, your family, your health and your mortality all require that your brain is working at optimal levels. Why wouldn't you optimize your whole life, Right Now?

Intensive Overview:

Brain Optimized, High-Performance Intensive

What should you expect?

We will do in one day what it normally takes 2 months of regular meetings to do.

What will we need to be successful?

Please provide your history in advance: Quizzes, Paperwork, Labs, Current Medications, and Supplements.

Brain Optimized, High-Performance Intensive

What Should you expect of the process?

Appointment #1


  • 2 hours Onboarding to review paperwork, timeline,
    quizzes and bloodwork labs and more.
  • 1-2 2 weeks prior to office appointment

Appointment #2


  • 8:00 am- 5:15pm
  • 7.5 hours total
  • QNRT Resets, Brainspotting and Brain Balancing, and EFT.
  • Parts Mapping and CBT for thorough restructuring
  • 75 minute Lunch Break.

Appointment #3


  • 2 hours Closure session, Supplements for the nervous system,
    technique takeaways, Parts review, and EFT and CBT refreshers
  • 1-2 weeks post office appointment



Intensive Only


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Add On 1-Functional medicine Labs


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Add On 2-SSP across 5 days


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MEET YOUR Coach and Doc

So why me, right?

Well the answer to that, is that I have been there too, multiple times. I have had most of the issues on the list above, at many points in my life! This obviously didn't work for me, as I run a very busy Practice. My Brain must be optimized. I not only work with families focusing on the health everyone's brain, but my Coaching and Consulting practice serves 7 and 8-figure High Performers, Coaches, Mom's and Entrepreneurs.

Many of these individuals that I work with are Women with similar experiences to mine. Their brain must work. The conversation with a new client usually highlights how it is NOT ACCEPTABLE for their brain to be “Offline”. They are still the Heart of their businesses and families and now for whatever reasons they are struggling!

In my role of Natural Doctor, Brain Health Coach and Therapist, I'm told stories of women who must move their whole schedule around, to morning commitments only; it’s the only optimized time of the day for their brain. I meet Entrepreneurs who have changed so much since their concussion or illness, they fear losing income and their brain function.

Maybe you have experienced this? Perhaps previously at your level, grinding and pushing hard daily was a norm, but now that your brain is “Offline” you can’t maintain your old pace.

I understand the fear and impatience of needing to get back online quickly, privately and with minimal consternation/fanfare.

Who Am I?

I am Dr. Tiffany Brown-Bush and I am diversely trained as an Integrative NeuroPsychoTherapist, Traditional Naturopath, Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, and Amen Clinic Brain Health Practitioner and Coach. I specialize in Functional Brain Health and Food struggles for individuals, couples, and families.
I personally struggled during my youth with mood, food, and focus issues. I realized over the years that many of my struggles were rooted in genetics, childhood traumas, food sensitivities, antibiotic overuse, stealth infections, and gut health. The Amen clinic is part of how I saved my brain. On my Spect scan, I had the Ring of Fire......

As you can see, my passion to self-heal has been based on desperation to feel my best, think my clearest, and create the life I envisioned for myself. While on my journey I realized that my husband and my family needed this type of help, and so did the clients that I serve! That is how my purpose-driven mission gathered momentum.
So many who struggle, don't make the connections that I did about the root cause origins. There is so much unnecessary suffering, and I am blessed to be able to help you or your family member Optimize your Brain!



I remember meeting my client Jenny. She struggled with every digestive issue. Her diagnosis included IBS, Sibo, SIFO and Crohn's. She'd struggled for 20+ years and someone referred her to me, to try a natural approach. I promised her that I would help her to get to the root cause of what was making her sick.

Six weeks after her custom stool testing and food sensitivity testing, her constipation, bloating and cramps had calmed. She was able to apply the diet changes and the protocol I created for her so successfully, that her life was already different.

We checked in this week after many months of support, working together and with her medical team and her Crohn's was in remission!!! Her SIBO and SIFO were gone month's ago and there is only minor support she needs for me. I have to point out that Crohn's remission was more than I ever planned for.

Dr. Tiffany's supplement protocol alone has changed my daughter's behavior and allowed her to travel hours without fighting with her brother.


It's been 4 weeks of just supplements and the exercises and Vincent is feeling better and not anxious


My daughter was being held back in 3rd grade, before we learned how to rewire her brain. I wished we'd started sooner


There’s no better time to direct and control your brain and health path than right now. There is no time to waste, apply below and provide info on what is happening for you, under the Presenting Issue section.

Apply to request your 20-minute consultation with Dr. Tiffany

Your Optimized Brain is Waiting


We've got A's for your Q's

What should you expect?

We will do in one day what it normally takes 2 months of regular meetings to do.

What will we need to be successful?

Please provide your history in advance: Quizzes, Paperwork, Labs, Current Medications and Supplements. You also need to be ready to work.

What is the Cost? Please see the table above

How many sessions is it? There are 3 appointments in the whole Intensive

Does this include Supplements? It does include suggestions for them and access to ordering them.

Does this include labs? This is an option, if you add on the lab workups

Office and Contact Info

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  • Main Phone Line : (704) 491-2216 Fax: (704)422-4801
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